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January 2020

Called to Order: _1/24/2020 @ 0831

Pledge of Allegiance

  • Introduction of Chiefs/Guests - None

  • Communications and Announcements: - None

  • President Brown –

    • New meeting and mini seminar format

    • Insp 1 class and Insp. 2 class in Palatine – see website for more info

    • Conference is in March – see website for info

    • Presented a recognition plaque to Jack Janozik Past President for his service

    • Announced the retirement of Bob Morris from Roselle FD, will remain Executive Director

  • Affirmation of Minutes-Previous meeting:  MOT: Craig Studer  2nd _Scott McBride  UVV:_Yes_


  • Affirmation of Treasurers report:  MOT: Jack Janozik_ 2nd:_ Rick Anderson   UVV:__Yes__


Executive Directors Report: (Morris)

  • Meeting format change due to cost and gap between mini and start of meeting

    • Cost changes going forward Cost of attending breakfast meeting only - $15

    • Non-member mini-seminar and breakfast - $75

    • Anyone member who does not register: Mini-seminar - $75 or Full-day - $100

    • Beginning in 2021 dues will increase to: Member - $100 or Associate Member - $150

  • Free printer, needs work – contact office if interested

  • Training certificates – you must sign in and sing out to receive them

  • Cost of attending the conference goes up on February 17th

Legislative Report: (Toika) - None


Chapter Reports:

  • Strike Force (Mike Schmitt) – None


Committee Reports:

  • Codes and Standards: (Craig)

    • Jensen Hughes Academy – 20% off for IFIA members, No CEU’s as of now, working on

    • February’s training will be by the OSFM on the 2015 LSC 101

    • Will have a sprinkler “101” mini this year date TBD

    • Will have a fire alarm “101” mini this year date TBD


  • Fire and Life Safety: - None


  • Certification: 

  • Insp. 1 Class in Palatine 2020

  • Insp.2 Class in Palatine April 2020

  • FSLA In Downers spring of 2020

  • Social:  – Fran – None


  • Public School Advisory: (Joe Welter)

    • Agencies need to submit their reports to the OSFM

    • NIFIA meeting with ROE and OSFO on the subject of submitting reports, will advise


Representative Reports:

NFPA (Warren Olsen) - Not present


AFAA (Andrea, Dan Finnegan) – None


NW BOCA - Not present


SW BOCA - Not present


ICC- Not Present


VISION 20/20 – No update


NFSA- No Update


NIFSAB (Northern Illinois Sprinkler Advisory – No Update


SFPE (Protection Engineers) Ed P. – Product show in Addison on 3/10


Norther Illinois Fire Inspectors Assoc. – No Update



NEW BUSINESS: Janozik – Bill in the state for changing the definition of legal fireworks, currently it is in committee.  The fireworks this bill wants to make legal are the leading cause of fireworks injuries in Illinois.



NEXT MEETING DATE/TIME: ___February 28__________________________


MEETING ADJOURNED   MOT: _Jack Janozik_______2nd __Craig Studer____ UVV: __Yes_____


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