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Award of Commendation

This award is presented to an individual member of the IFIA for a single outstanding act of achievement in fire prevention and or public education which brings credit to his/her department and the association, which involves performance above and beyond the individual’s normal assigned duties, and which is new to his/her department.



Achievement Award

This award is presented to an individual or organization that has made substantial contributions to their department or community in the areas of public education and prevention, has gone far beyond their normal assignments, and whose long term dedication has brought credit to their department or organization. Nominee must have served in this capacity for more than 5 years.



Fire Chief’s Award

The Fire Chief’s award is presented to a Chief Officer who is dedicated to making a difference in their department’s fire and life safety education, and/or fire prevention efforts. This person understands the importance of supporting fire prevention and education, and goes above and beyond to create a safer community.


Youth Hero Award

This award is given to children and young adults under the age of 18 to recognize them for an outstanding act of bravery and forward thinking that resulted in the saving of someone’s life or property. The importance of this award is that it sets the child’s action apart from what may be the expected response of his/her peers.


Adult Hero Award

This award is presented to the adult over the age of 18 who performed an outstanding act of bravery and forward thinking that resulted in the saving on someone’s life or property.

Corporate Award

This award is for the Company that has provided outstanding support of the IFIA or a fire department, which significantly increased their dedication, related to a better public education program or caused a significant change in the community that resulted in a greater awareness of life safety and fire prevention awareness.


Dick Arthur Lifetime Achievement Award

This is an award for the Fire Prevention Professional who dedicates his career to the cause of Fire Prevention, Life Safety, and Education in the manner that gives great honor to the fire service. This award is named after the first President of this Association.



Lonnie Jackson Public Education Award

This award is granted to any member of the Association who has unselfishly contributed to the greater good of public education in the fire service through program development, delivery, organization, sharing ideas, mentoring others, and devotion to the mission of public fire and life safety education. This award named after our founding Executive Director.



New Horizons Award

This award is for the new public educator who is actively getting involved and making a difference in his/her departments’ public education efforts. This person found or developed a new program or made an existing program better by their dedication and attention to details. This person must have less than 3 years in public fire and life safety education.

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