OUR MISSION To reduce death and injuries from fire and other dangers through education, enforcement and engineering.

  •  Fire Inspector I       TBD
  • Fire Inspector II    TBD

  • Public Fire Life Safety Educator - TBD

  • Sept 24th Mini Seminar  -  Fire Investigation
    The class will provide an overview of the pivotal NFPA documents impacting fire investigation.  The new edition of NFPA 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigation (2021 Edition), NFPA 1033 Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigators (2022 Edition) and the new NFPA 1321 Standard for Fire Investigation Units which is in draft. This presentation will provide the attendees with specific information on the changes that will impact their fire investigations. The class will be presented by the Immediate Past Chairman of the NFPA 921 Committee, Member of the NFPA 1033 Committee and the current Chairman of the NFPA 1321 Committee.

  • Nov 9 & 10th Seminar - 2 Day Basic Plan Review
    This two-day seminar introduces attendees to the process of conducting a basic fire alarm system plan review. Students will learn the reasons why plan reviews are conducted and where model building and fire codes include, in their documents, the requirement that plans and specifications for fire protection systems, including fire alarm systems, must be reviewed and approved before systems are installed. The basic seminar primarily covers the requirements found in NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, for initiating devices and notification appliances and their correct placement on fire alarm system shop drawings. The seminar introduces the concept of circuits and pathways as well as the calculations used for notification appliance circuits and battery standby. This seminar would be a benefit to individuals who have little or no fire alarm plan review or design experience; or, for the reviewer that conducts infrequent fire alarm plan reviews and would like refresher training.

  • Nov 19th Mini Seminar - "Did You Know" 
    TOPICS: *Review of Flexible Sprinkler Drops *NPFA 770 - Hybrid Fire Extinguishing Systems *Fire Alarm Device Operation Video *Five Year Forward Flow Backflow Preventer Test
    *Smoke Control System Maintenance

    For indoor classes we are asking that students who have not been vaccinated for the Corona virus wear masks while indoors.

Fire & Life Safety Conference
March 23-25, 2022
Pre-conference March 22nd

Conference Topics and Speakers
  • Brene Duggins  The Four Hour “Pre-Conference” - Presenting Virtually Anywhere

  • Pat Kenny  -  Stand Up and Be the Best, and Mayday for Mental Health

  • Josh Fulbright  -  CRR

  • Meredith Hawes – NFPA’s LINK, and other resources

Board/Committee Meetings     
  • IFIA Board - Sept 16th

  • Public Fire Life Safety Committee -  Oct 6th

  • Codes & Professional Development  Committee - Nov1st

Social Events     
  • IFIA 2021 State Fair - Aug 22nd

  • Fire Prevention Awards - TBD Award Nomination Form 

  • Holiday Luncheon - TBD

Lunches for the 2 Day Plan Review Seminar are being sponsored by:

Quality Integrated Solutions Inc., Tinley Park

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