OUR MISSION To reduce death and injuries from fire and other dangers through education, enforcement and engineering.

  •  Fire Inspector I       TBD
  • Fire Inspector II    TBD

  • Public Fire Life Safety Educator - TBD


  • Nov 19th Mini Seminar - "Did You Know" 
    TOPICS: *Review of Flexible Sprinkler Drops *NPFA 770 - Hybrid Fire Extinguishing Systems *Fire Alarm Device Operation Video *Five Year Forward Flow Backflow Preventer Test
    *Smoke Control System Maintenance

  • Jan 21st Mini Seminar - NFPA 13 Changes
    Class Details Coming Soon

Board/Committee Meetings     
  • IFIA Board - Oct 21st

  • Public Fire Life Safety Committee -  Nov 3rd

  • Codes & Professional Development  Committee - Nov1st

Social Events     
  • IFIA 2021 State Fair - Aug 22nd

  • Fire Prevention Awards - TBD Award Nomination Form 

  • Holiday Luncheon - TBD


The IFIA has made some modifications to the by-laws. The last time the by-laws were revised was in 2017. These changes would take a vote of the membership to approve them. The by-laws are posted on the website for anyone to review. They will be presented for voting at the virtual October monthly meeting. Voting is by organization, not individuals. 
The changes made were: 

  • Clarified Board of Directors and Executive Board

  • Electronic Voting

  • Allowing ONE Associate member to be elected to the Board

  • Basic wordsmithing of the document. 


If you have a comments/suggestions regarding these changes, make sure you let the office know. 

Fire & Life Safety Conference
March 23-25, 2022
Pre-conference March 22nd

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the PDF below

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